It’s a Conspiracy!

On Duchese’s blog, a lunatic leaves a comment including (emphasis added):

The concept of Judeo-Christianity, as it is used by Kaplan, gained precedence in the 1940s in an effort to battle antisemitism. Ditto Western Civ.They are constructs originated to undermine the effort to preserve the EGI of the founding. Anglo-Saxon people.

So, Western Civilization, a thousands years phenomenon recognized by everyone from the most anti-White leftist to the most fanatical Nazi, the crowning achievement of human history and of European Man, is now revealed as a “construct,” an evil conspiracy by dastardly Meds and Slavs to damage Anglo-Saxon EGI (never mind that virtually all of the most staunch proponents of founding stock Americans recognized and championed the achievements of Western Civilization, to which the Anglo-Saxons contributed as much, or more, than anyone else).
The “movement” as it exists today, at least in America, must rank among the greatest enemies of the White race, Anglo-Saxons included.  The Old Movement must be completely eliminated, eradicated root and branch, so that sanity can return to racial nationalist activism.