Another Architect of Genocide

The gallows await.
Thus, according to Salter’s essay:
– Sheridan states that Anglo-Australia has been/is being displaced and replaced by Asian immigration.
– Sheridan admits this is a form of genocide.
– Sheridan states that he has used his position and influence to advocate in favor of this Asian immigration.
Therefore, the conclusion is inescapable: Sheridan openly admits that he has used his influence to support and promote genocide.
I remember that folks were hanged back in the late 1940s for that.
If and when Anglo-Australia reasserts itself and White Australians, led by the British-derived founding ethny, take back their nation, there must be legally convened tribunals to judge people like Sheridan for crimes against humanity.
And since Sheridan already has openly and proudly admitted his complicity, it would seem that the only reasonable outcome to the trial is a verdict of guilty, followed by the same punishment meted out to, for example, Julius Streicher.
And if the likes of Sheridan try to escape their fate by fleeing an ethnonationalist Australia, then Australian commandos should be sent out to capture them and bring them back, alive, to stand trial, according to law, and according to the standards of human decency (opposition to genocide).