Neutron Sterilization

If quarantine is “impossible.”
The easiest way to deal with the Ebola crisis is via a strict quarantine – no one in or out, and let the epidemic “burn itself out,” so to speak. When the population in the infected regions is sufficiently thinned out, the rate of transmission will drop below sustainable levels.  Spending time and money trying to end the epidemic through Western medical intervention is folly.  Even if it worked now – and we avoided further infecting ourselves in the process – the whole thing will start anew in another 5 or 10 years or so, as the overpopulated natives continue using bush meat as a protein source, exposing themselves to the natural reservoirs of the virus.
Of course, the System tells us that a strict quarantine “won’t work,” is “impossible,” and “we can’t fence in an epidemic” (surely, if you never attempt to do so, it will invariably be “impossible”).  Any alternatives? In the name of the only useful form of “mainstreaming” there is – expressing radical ideas in matter-of-fact, rational language – I would like to offer an alternative.

The neutron bomb.  This enhanced radiation weapon is of relatively low yield and produces lesser radioactive fallout. Controversies over effectiveness against tank armor are irrelevant here, as the proposal would be to blanket the affected areas of West Africa with a dense neutron bomb bombardment, targeting unprotected hominid and non-hominid biological organisms, and whatever viruses they may or may not be carrying.  More limited radioactive fallout, and the use of low-level, close-to-ground bursts (keeping fallout local), would mean relatively little threat of harm done to Europe through wind-blown radioactive debris.

If quarantine is “impossible” and if the spread of Ebola in Africa endangers the rest of the world, and if future outbreaks are likely inevitable even if the present epidemic is controlled by Western intervention, then what other alternative is there?