Odds and Ends, 2/1/15

Some minor points.

In anticipation of tomorrow’s important holiday, some odds and ends:

A news story about Marine Le Pen becoming hysterical when it was suggested that there was any possibility of a FN-Golden Dawn collaboration. One rationale for this hysteria was:

More, it is unlikely Le Pen would want to be seen supporting any Greek party after the National Front’s repeated attacks on billions in eurozone bailout money, much of it at the expense of French taxpayers, being poured into Greece following its economic collapse.

That’s great.  What then to make of Marine’s support of the far-Left Greek Syriza party, whose main electoral thrust was being “anti-austerity,” which crudely – but truthfully – can be defined as them promoting the idea that the Greeks should be Medish deadbeats too selfish and lazy to make the sacrifices to pay off their debts.

It would seem that Syriza, unlike Golden Dawn, does not have a “filthy image” for the esteemed Ms. Le Pen?

In America, we have an interesting contrast. On the one hand, the Republican base of support is strongly anti-amnesty, and not well disposed to illegal immigrants (and to some extent, even legal ones).  And yet, all the leading contenders for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination are pro-immigrant, pro-amnesty immigration “moderates’ (i.e., far-leftists), who have contempt for their own base of support and for the American people. And, despite this contrast, and the ill-disguised hatred and contempt these candidates have for their own supporters, these supporters will gladly line up like lemmings and go and vote for them.

Speaking of hatred and contempt, we have this story.  Interesting how the HBDers love Jews like this, and also interesting how people who “know the score” about the Jews love the HBDers.  That’s one strange love triangle, with ardent (unrequited) love on one side, and hatred and contempt on the other.

Intersecting HBD and free speech, we have this article, about another of the HBDers’ favorite groups.

About vaccination.