A Valid Question for 7/19/15

A different immigration flow.
Re: this article, a question: if the migrants invading Europe were predominantly Chinese (and other East Asians), would “the Derb” be writing critical articles about it?  Or would such an invasion be lauded as “increasing national IQ” as part of an “Arctic Alliance” between big-brained Orientals and cringing Europeans?
My vision of a future White ethnostate: where all the HBDers are put on trial for race treason, and then publicly executed by being hanged from meathooks with piano wire.  And escape overseas would not help in this scenario, as I envision – similar to the Israelis with Eichmann – commandos hunting down the HBDers and bringing them to the ethnostate for trial.  In this vision of a better and brighter future, no place on Earth would be safe for the HBDers, there would be no place for them to hide from the justice meted out by outraged and long-suffering Whites.