In the News, 7/22/15

Two items.

Paging Desmond Jones!  Lots of homogeneity and demographic stability there, indeed! Well, the explanation would be that these migrants, including those pictured in the story, are simply S. Italians moving north.  That’s the ticket!

Here we see MacDonald expressing some much needed skepticism about the “movement’s” new “man on white horse” Donald Trump and sidekick “more legal immigration” Cruz.  As long as Trump continues to critique (at least illegal) immigration, and as long as he continues to bash psycho John McAmnesty and the pink-frilled Miss Lindsey, he’s doing good, but anyone who is getting so breathless over “the Donald” (mostly the HBD and “game” factions of the “movement”) is going to be disappointed in the long run.

Speaking of HBD, look at the main themes of MacDonald’s article – the seething animus and genocidal hatred of Jews toward White Americans, particularly rural White Americans. Yet, HBD says that Jews are demigods and Whites’ natural and rightful masters. And “movement” “activists” derived from the same populations reviled by Jews will continue to flock to HBD, as long as the “right” populations are praised, and the “wrong” populations (see lead news item here) are “rightfully” blasted. What’s the term? Goyishe kop?