In the News, 8/4/15

Some items.
It seems like hitchBOT has met diversity.  Come now, it was well deserved! With hitchBOT exploiting its Robot Privilege and all of that.

Germany is being transformed.  The only resistance takes the form of “marches” and “attacks on refugee housing.”  Now, the Germans are – or at least used to be – the highest quality stock in Europe (along with the English).  Do they really need a dumb swarthoid like myself to tell them the obvious – that marches and random attacks won’t solve the problem, that they need to, when they have the chance when they are still the majority in their own nation, install a nationalist group into political power. You can march and destroy housing all you want, but “your” leaders will continue to flood your nation with aliens. Maybe you need…gasp! – different leaders?  Where’s that Teutonic intelligence and logic when you need it?  And how about reproducing?  Those small wailing humanoids produced by all the Coloreds in your nation (*) are called “babies.”  That’s how hominids reproduce. You may want to try it. It may in the long run solve the “aging population” problem without turning Germany into Krautistan.

*The European immigrants to Germany, who do not belong there either, for the most part have birthrates as low or lower than the Germans.