More on Salter/Proofreader, 10/26/15

A few more comments.

A major advantage of Salterism, and one that can help bridge the gap between racial nationalists and more healthy elements of immigration-skeptic mainstream paleoconservatives is the ability to identify ultimate interests and cut through the morass of self-defeating arguments on immigration (or any other issue).
For example see this, which is informed by my understanding of, and acceptance of, the EGI concept.  Even vocal immigration skeptics, such as Saint Viktor Orban or Pat Buchanan put the issue in cultural and civilizational terms. That’s fine as far as it goes, but that’s not the underlying problem. If you concentrate on that, you get the likes of Richard Lynn proclaiming the death of Europe with his calm confidence that, why it’ll be all right, since East Asians will carry on our culture for us (actually, they won’t, but that’s not really the point, is it?). Then we also have the likes of Lynn with the IQ fetish, others who talk about “law abiding and productive immigrants,” leading to arguments that put immigration in starkly economic terms, viewing peoples as fungible economic units.  We have American conservatives who care only about “legality,” painting themselves in a corner since, if the only issue is legality, then genocidal race replacement can be made A-OK simply by the stroke of  a pen, signing a new law into existence (see 1965 for an example).  Even people in the “movement” get confused, and get all hot and bothered over some rare fair-complexioned Kalash or Iranian or Turk or Hapa and believe that genetic extinction is fine as long as their replacements sort of “look like us.”
Putting the issue in the context of kinship goes beyond all of that.  Putting a Salterian argument forward absolutelyforces ethnicity, race, and racial preservation to be at the forefront of any argument. You cannot preserve genetic kinship, genetic interests, through any sort of aracial scheme. Civic nationalism and a “shared culture” does not work. Economics are irrelevant. Phenotype has no meaning without a genetic foundation to back it up. Surely, all these other things are important and must be considered, after the genetic foundation is taken care of.
A real Movement based on a reasonable Salterism (and not the idiots who use chants of “EGI” as a talisman to explain everything from bad weather to the price of milk) can promote memes that have real explanatory power, and satisfy the deep yearnings of people for demographic preservation without mealy-mouthed “implicit” “dog-whistling” on race. 
Weaponizing discourse empowers our side. Salterism gives racial activists a form of discourse lacking in other areas on the Right, on a subject which reaches deep into peoples’ sense of identity, and a half-realized, dimly acknowledged sense of ethny=extended family. The “movement’s” blithe dismissal of Salter’s work is highly destructive, as an important memetic weapon is discarded without a proper consideration of its potential. Never mind that Salterism has fundamental importance beyond its instrumental use in politics: how can we understand how different sociopolitical options affect our ultimate interests if we have no idea that these ultimate interests even exist, much less be able to (at least approximately) quantify them?
A real Movement needs to distinguish itself from the aracial Right while, at the same time, offering those on the aracial Right some insights that they obviously lack. Salterism has vast potential for clarifying issues and focusing attention in the right direction. Espousing Salterism also “separates the men from the boys” and allows healthy-minded but as-of-yet ill-informed Whites to see exactly who it is who has the answers to the deep questions that these Whites didn’t even know they were supposed to be asking.