Questions for Vox-Type Shitlibs

“That’s what they are running from.”
The typical “shitlib” response to the Paris massacre is to say: “This means we should be more, not less, welcoming to the Syrian refugees, since this is what they are running from.”
In response, I have some questions for the shitlibs based on that quoted assertion:
1. Why is anyone obligated to help these refugees?
2. If true, they are running from a man-made problem, not a natural disaster. It is a problem made by their own people and their own culture. Aren’t they just going to recreate the problem wherever they go?  Isn’t this analogous to people fleeing a plague region and bringing the disease with them, to infect new populations?
3. How do you know that there are none of the terrorists mixed in with the refugees?  How do you know that some of these refugees – most of whom are aggressive young men – won’t later become criminals and terrorists in their new home, once they find aspects of that new home that do not suit them?
4. How come so many of the refugees are young men?  Does that make sense?  Why are so many from countries other than Syria? From countries with no civil war or terrorism problems?
5. If true, why do the refugees insist on coming to Europe?  Why particularly to the richer nations of Northwest Europe?  Why don’t they go to nations closer to home that do not have the “terrorist problem” that they are “running from?”  Why not go to other Muslim nations?  Why not go to Israel? Will the shitlibs start pressuring Israel to take in large numbers of refugees, particularly those rowdy crowds of young men?
6. Why are the refugees so aggressive, complaining about their hosts, and demanding of their hosts? Shouldn’t they be grateful to “escape from the terror?”
7. Will the refugees go home if and when the terrorists are defeated?
8. Aren’t you being the lowest form of mendacious scum when you state: “The terrorists don’t have to be foreigners, they can be native-born citizens,” when those “native-born citizens” are themselves the alien offspring of previous waves of invading immigrants and refugees?
9. You and your kind have been pushing the West to accept the alien influx for decades.  How has it worked out?  Isn’t the Paris massacre, and Charlie Hebdo, and Rotherham the end result of past instances of shitlib-promoted welcoming of “the other?”  Why should we listen to you again this time?
10. Even if what you say is true, and even if the newcomers were peaceful and sincere, don’t the peoples of the West have an obligation to themselves and their posterity to preserve their ethny and culture and to prevent their people and nation from being demographically and culturally replaced? Shouldn’t the peoples of the West care about their own children and grandchildren more than the teeming hordes who greedily grasp for expansion into the homelands of other peoples?

Update: One of the terrorists may have been a “Syrian refugee.” While I hate to be vulgar on this blog, sometimes it is necessary: Dear Vox shitlibs, go fuck yourselves.