More Political Delusion

VDARE article in general agreement with my recent analyses.

Obama is playing the same tired game: White Americans have “economic insecurities” that are being exploited by “race-bating” Republicans.
Boring…or as the VDARE article so cogently notes, the GOP may be “dog whistling” to the base, but that dog never gets any treats. There’s a solid list of historical GOP treason against Whites listed there.
All of these analysts refuse to acknowledge that while, yes, economic insecurity is an important issue, the fundamental anxiety is about race, culture, demographics. 

I’ll say it again: The System’s fundamental basis, its raison d’être, is hostility toward Whites and toward White interests. Therefore, representatives of the System cannot even acknowledge, much less care about and act upon, the promotion of White interests, for that would undermine the very System of which they are a part. 

This cannot be stressed often enough.

While Trump’s utility is as a bringer of chaos and division, one must look at practical politics as well. I believe there is little chance that Trump as the GOP candidate could win a national election. That’s fine as far as it goes as long as chaos and balkanization occurs.  However, a Trump loss as the GOP candidate could potentially damage the political legitimacy of right-wing populism for several electoral cycles, poisoning the well for future, better, right-wing populists.

Perhaps the best outcome is for the GOP Establishment to “screw” Trump, nominate a cuckservative, and see the Trumpite base abandon the party, wrecking the GOP and smashing the political status quo in this country.