No, Ching Chang Chung, There Are Not Two Political Parties

Shilling for the system.

At this blog, we have previously discussed Derbyshire’s promotion of “working within the system,” and the fear of White racism that informs that shilling for the system.

Now he does it again, trying to convince us that the GOP traitors are somehow a viable patriotic party, distinct from the Democrats.

Derb’s “argument” fails at two levels. First, a real political party is NOT supposed to have internal “diversity” on absolutely fundamental issues, and what is more fundamental than immigration/demographics?  

So, we have the Democrats more or less 100% for open borders, and then we have the Republicans only some of whom are for open borders, and that’s a good thing?  That’s “two separate parties?” Is he serious?

Second, he admits that the anti-immigration element in the GOP “never seems to be able to manifest itself in legislative action.”  Thus:

I have to allow that there is at least some nominal diversity in the GOP. It never seems to be able to manifest itself in legislative action, but it’s there in some potential form.

Indeed, the GOP controls Congress and they keep on giving Obama pro-immigration budget gifts. it’s a joke.

So, obviously, the USA in general has a SINGLE POLITICAL PARTY, with two wings – the Left Democrat wing, and the Center/Center-Right Republican wing. 

And the reason for Trump’s popularity is that he has stepped outside that consensus, which is a very small and mild breath of fresh air.

Derbyshire is such a mendacious manipulator of reality, and for such obvious self-interested reasons, that it staggers the imagination. Why do ostensibly sincere folks persist in giving this creature a platform?