Stupidity and Hypocrisy About Miscegenation

Anti-racist stupidity.

One can find anti-racists going on rightist blogs and leaving comments such as:
“With so many Whites having non-White kin, no one is going to care about your promotion of inbreeding. But don’t worry, we won’t invade your trailer park and force your daughter to marry Tyrone.”
Let’s consider the main points there:
Kin.  Even today, with rampant miscegenation, the vast majority of Whites do not have “non-White kin.”  Even among those who do, a significant fraction very likely do not like it.  What?  Will a racist suddenly become a liberal if, for example, his mudshark sister or daughter pops out a dindu?  That’s really stupid.  And, in any case, the idea of Whites having non-White kin is precisely the future racial preservationists oppose, so citing that possibility is hardly an argument against racial activism, is it?
Inbreeding.  First, it is not “inbreeding” when one talks about mating within a race that has hundreds of millions of members, or an ethnic group with at least millions of members (Chinese and Indians have more than a billion people apiece – is intra-ethnic breeding there an example of “inbreeding?”).
Second, the hypocrisy of the anti-racists comes to the fore here.  On the one hand, they love to quote Lewontin: “more genetic variation within the group than between.”  The more demented among them interpret that to mean: “Whites are more genetically distant from one another than they are to Blacks; a given White is more similar to a Black than to another White.”  That’s nonsense of course, but let them follow through on the “logic” there: if they REALLY believe that, then they MUST agree that inbreeding is best avoided by marrying WITHIN the race, to take advantage of all that great within-group genetic variation.  Indeed, my dear anti-racists, according to you, White-White mating is outbreeding, and White-Black mixing is dangerous inbreeding.
Of course, when it comes to mating, suddenly they dump Lewontin and declare that members of the same race are so genetically similar that mating within that race is “trailer park inbreeding.”  Then, when it comes to racial solidarity, suddenly another switch, back to Lewontin again, and “there is more genetic variation within groups.”
Sorry, anti-racists, you can’t have it both ways.  And by the way, your lack of consistency and logic makes you the best candidates for retarded “low IQ inbred trash” compared to anyone else.
Trailer Park.  Always the snarky leftist assumption that a concern for racial preservation is from low-rent “trailer park” “White trash.”  The reality is that that sort of trash are the prime candidates for being Black-loving mudsharks, much more so than upper-class educated people, regardless of what social preening those upper-class dweebs may exhibit in their lily White country clubs.