Most WNs Motivated By Hatred?

Noted for the record.

Silver unburderns himself with criticism of WNs at Amren thus:
silviosilver  RobertWatson • a day ago
That is true, but it is undeniable that some WNs – large numbers of them, perhaps even a majority – do regard hatred of non-whites as a prerequisite to white political empowerment and racial salvation. We don’t need to speculate about this; we only need read the comments that these WNs make
Putting aside for the moment Silver’s own very interesting language and slurs from Majority Rights, and the current pontifications of “Verlis” at Counter-Currents, we can observe how the comment above compares to his relatively recent previous comments at Amren and Radix.  Red font emphasis added:
silviosilver  Zachary O. Ray (aka Mike Lane)  7 hours ago
I prefer to encourage the use of epithets. I know full well how crude they can be, but there’s nothing quite like a well-timed epithet to encapsulate and ingrain certain racial verities.
silviosilver  Baltikaa  2 days ago
It is not in our interests to prop up the criminal state of Israel and the moral filth of zionism.
More than this, the issue is effectively a litmus test of political maturity. No white can truly be thought of as taking his own side in racial politics if he insists on supporting Israel. Call that “manichean” if you wish, but some issues really are this simple.
silviosilver  9 days ago
Call me cynical, but I’m amazed that the white cop felt any need to get involved in the first place. Black ‘kids’ are beating each others heads in? Let them.
silviosilver  Jude_Fetzen  18 days ago
Exactly. Richard Spencer knows his stuff. He is keenly in tune with his roots. He’d never go for some filthy eastern wanna-be white slavozoid.
silviosilver  gerald carbonneau  4 months ago
I would rather live in Latin America than Asia, no two ways about it, even if it is more backward and more violent and its prospects dimmer and so on. All Asians are horrendously racially alien, while only some Latinos are. To me that matters.