Derbyshire Excrement

Lind. not Jayman.

Where to begin?  First, that screed begins to address the question of the Lind Hypothesis. But, you know, reasonable people, people with character – not “awkward squad” race traitor losers with their bizarre alien wives – would give credit to where it properly belongs.  Lind wrote his essay ~15 years ago and it is he, not disgusting triracial Jamaican mongrels. who should be given credit for the observation (and, indeed, prediction).

Second, what’s with Derbyshire promoting a White-hating colored hybrid, and his grotesquely ugly offspring, on VDARE?  That’s right – Derbyshire is a race-mixing HBDer, and as such, feels a natural “connection” with the anti-White Jamaican and its menagerie of micro-hybrids.

Purely disgusting on all sides.