Discontented Affirmative Action Mediocrities

Hint: it’s not only “the Blacks” in the mainstream.

How about Der Movement and HBD take a look in the mirror, re: affirmative action?  Certain European ethnies are given affirmative action goodies within Der Movement, “leaders” of such background are propped up despite shocking deficiencies, decades of incompetence and failure are accepted, and those outside the quota gravy train are shut out, despite whatever merit they may have. Further, the quota queens protect their sinecures with rage against anyone with the temerity to question the “movement” system; in particular, cognizant of their own mediocrity, the quota queens make sure to eschew anyone with ability who is not “one of the boys.”  And the more they fail, the more the affirmative action babies of Der Movement become more hardcore in their quota system, the more they lash out against those ethnies not so favored.  “Rage of a privileged class,” indeed.

HBD is just as bad; there it are the Jews and East Asians elevated to a special status.  Two minor examples, both related to the Schettino case. First, the HBDers were in a a state of breathless excitement, dissecting every detail to expose wopish (at least southern wopish) deficiencies, but were strangely silent when a Korean ship captain did essentially the same exact thing.  Second, all the pontifications about high levels of “neuroticism” and “anxiety” among wops never seem to get applied, re: Jews, the all-time champions for those behaviors.  And, while we are at it, yes, the “Hajnal line” is ever so important when comparing European ethnies, but aren’t Jews and Asians outside – way outside – that magical boundary?

By the way, on a perhaps related note, are the quota queens at VDARE aware of what’s going on at their website?  Either they have found a new way of making money through adware, or their site has been hacked.  I note that another Paleocon-HBD-immigration restriction site that shall go nameless has had the exact same problem as well.  If it’s a money-making scam: stop it.  If it’s from the outside: get off your quota queen high horse and do something about it.