More HBD Stupidity, 8/17/16

Breezy and Razib.

Steve Sailer gives us important empirical data here:
For example, in 1982, when I had just moved to Chicago, I was headed into the Century Mall on N. Clark St., when a black teen rushed out, followed by two twenty-something Hispanic security guards in close pursuit. I watched them head up Clark Street with the teen in sneakers pulling away from the guards in shiny black leather shoes.

Then we have Razib:

One peculiar thing population genetics teaches us that non-adaptive traits are more heritable.

Yeah, that’s great Razib. Question: if the traits are non-adaptive, how are they heritable (over evolutionary time) when genetic drift, regression to the mean, etc. resulting from the vagaries of sexual reproduction, random events, bottlenecks, etc. will constantly act. Why should extreme outliers be maintained over time?

This is due to the fact that selection tends to remove variation, selecting for fitter individuals.

Right. So, after so many eons of human evolution, and selection for fitter individuals, there must be little to no human variation left, eh? There goes the entire foundation of HBD! Of course, environments and selective pressures change over time, and variation is inherent in the process of sexual reproduction. It’s all very simple – simple that is unless you’re a Brown Cogelite trying to impress the rubes by how very erudite you are.

Look, fast running speed in Negroes was likely adaptive in their ancestral environment. The bell curve of Negro speed is right-shifted compared to that of other races, and that, we can assume, is a result of selection and adaption. A bell curve has, naturally, its outliers, and Bolt is at the extreme right end of the Negro bell curve for speed. So, no, specifically running as fast as Bolt is not necessarily adaptive, but the existence of speedy Negroes such as he is a natural outcome of the adaptive trait of fast Negro speed.
Let us not forget that Razib is the Brainiac who once confused “homologous chromosomes” with “sister chromatids” which I guess makes him the “go-to-HBD-guy” when it comes to biology/genetics.