Breezy is a-breezin’

Idiot Breezy thinks he’s real smart with his “Black-a-Block” nonsense.  Hey Breezy, just one Black family is sufficient to destroy a White neighborhood. Believe me, I know.  They just do their usual antics, the “For Sale” signs sprout up like mushrooms after a summer rain, and, before you know it, you’re talking about “White-a-Block.”  But let’s not let reality intrude into Breezy’s HBD-real estate theories.

And let’s consider Trump.  If the “God Emperor” was really the Great White Hope for America, he’d be pounding away at this issue, publicizing it, stoking White racial fears, and driving a wedge between the Democratic constituencies.

But, alas, doing that would interfere with his pathetically Negrophilic cucking to the Black race.

And somewhere Roissy weeps softly.