Amren Article on Trump

Some good sense.

This is a useful analysis of the Trump phenomenon; excerpts, emphasis added: 
On immigration policy, Ted Cruz was actually to the right of Mr. Trump. And unlike Mr. Trump, Mr. Cruz never would have expressed support for affirmative action. Yet the Alt-Right didn’t care…

None of this happened because Mr. Trump particularly cared about racial issues or because his policies were very different from those of his primary opponents. It was the language he used and his flouting of pieties that threatened the intellectual hegemony of the Left and triggered a cycle through which Mr. Trump became the spokesman for a generation of whites and others frustrated with what the country has become and where it’s going.
This has two implications for the extent to which we can trust Mr. Trump. First, the bad news: He is addicted to praise and without an intellectual core, and that’s been fine so far, because he has been appealing to his Twitter followers and the people at his rallies. As President, however, it’s reasonable to worry that his new reference group would be the Washington elites, as it has been for a few Supreme Court justices who were appointed by Republicans and ended up ruling as liberals. Imagine someone floats the rumor that President Trump will appoint a far-Left judge to fill Scalia’s seat. Mr. Trump would suddenly find himself praised as a statesman, and there’s some possibility that he would be so intoxicated by the coverage that he’d be tempted to do what the media wants.
Luckily, however, the way the press has covered this election may prevent that. Because he has become enemy number one of political correctness, Mr. Trump has attracted people such as Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon while repelling more mainstream Republicans. Therefore, when he makes decisions, there is a good chance he will be surrounded by people who have both healthy instincts and a sound intellectual grounding. As they say, personnel is policy. The danger, on the other hand, is that if he wins, many of those who were previously hostile to Mr. Trump will be looking for jobs in his administration, and that he may in turn crave the legitimacy that respected establishment figures can bring.

And somewhere, Roissy silently weeps….