It’s There in Black and White, 9/15/16


Despite the anti-anti-Semitism of many of our more famous people (for example, Jared Taylor, Gavin McInnes, and John Derbyshire)….

Emphasis was added.  Now, to include Derbyshire under the category of “our…people” summarizes everything that’s wrong with the Alt-Wrong (I can’t even make a distinction any more between Alt-Right and Alt-Wrong).

If I had to make a list of the ten biggest pieces of absolute filthy scum in human history, Derbyshire would be on that list.

So, you know, the Alt-Right can take their Pepe the frog and their Kek (whatever the hell that is), and stick it all up their collective asses (along with court jester Derbyshire and Queen “Rosie”).

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