Debate One, Truth on Trump, and Roissy Weeps

These are the facts.

Here is an honest comment from Radix, emphasis added:

Riopel • 9 hours ago
Not sure which debate you watched, but in the debate I saw, Trump came off as a bumbling idiot, rambling incoherently, going off on pointless tangents, and resorting to his stockpile of moronic cliches he’s been saying for a year.
Hillary was hitting him hard nonstop, and Trump looked increasingly frustrated throughout. Maybe he was overwhelmed by the overt hostility of the crowd and the uppity google “moderator,” but he could have easily dominated if he’d prepared better.
The problem with Trump is that he’s simply unintelligent. I can’t think of anyone less qualified to lead any kind of nationalist revival in America; a lowbrow celebrity with mob ties whose kids are all married to jews.
Maybe some moderates will be turned off by Hillary’s snark and the hostile environment, but overall, last night was quite simply Trump’s lowest moment in his presidential run. If he doesn’t improve for debates 2 and 3 it might just give Hillary the edge she needs to win.

Donald Trump: vulgar ignorant buffoon, Negro-lover, beta race cuck, lazy, unintelligent, a shallow hedonist who is doing his best to throw an eminently winnable election.