White American Identity?

Reaction to Counter-Currents essay.

Overall this is reasonable, but I have two criticisms, the first minor and the second major:

The same can be said of the Spanish-speaking peoples of the Southern Cone of South America…

Some of whom are unmixed Europeans, but many of whom are actually mestizos passing themselves off as “European.”

White Nationalism does not, however, imply grandiose notions like a politically unified white imperium, which could only be imposed by violence and maintained by oppression and the erasure of distinct white identities. Nationalism is opposed to all forms of imperialism, even white imperialism — especially white imperialism, since imperialism is worse at the expense of fellow whites than non-whites.

This is utter nonsense.  A “White Imperium” can be an association similar to that of pre-Civil War America, in which distinct states, each with their own identities and influence (some – e.g., Virginia, New York, Massachusetts – more than others) as well as a healthy degree of self-governance, came together, voluntarily, in an American Union that had overarching, but not total, political control of the territory. Things went awry with the Civil War no doubt, but whose bright idea was it to bring Negroes to America? Ethnonationalism on the other hand blessed us with the two world wars that wrecked the White world, and which brought to us the universalist “European” (sic) Union as a reaction.

It does not have to be a choice between pan-European nationalism and ethnonationalism.  It could be both at the same time, but in the order of importance as listed.

Finally, not a criticism, but what’s with the “horror” of the White ethnic blending in America? It has benefits as well as costs.  In any case, it is more or less inevitable and may in fact produce, over time, some useful stabilized breeds of Whites, extending the diversity of European man – as long as the original stocks are maintained at least in Europe.  That last caveat demands that any “White Imperium” absolutely must include maintenance of internal national borders and restriction of migration across those national boundaries.