Der Movement in the News, 10/10/16

It’s…Der Movement.

This is a commentator (plain font) at Roissy’s Pussy Pedestalization blog, with Roissy’s homoerotic Trumpite responses in bold font:

Mr Bigglesworth
We’ve all just witnessed what happens when you attach white survival to the political fortunes of a preening, showboating narcissist. He lets you down in a YUGE way.
[CH: he hasn’t let anyone down except the self-righteous cuck that resides in your fevered fantasies.]
Is there a single person here who still predicts a Trump win? Genuinly?
[yes. genuinely.]
Living inside your own protective bubble, blocking out reality and bitching about anyone who points out glaring truths isn’t “Alpha” at all.
[you aren’t pointing out any glaring truths. you’re pointing out what a pussy you are for getting verklempft over some bawdy lockerroom talk.]
It’s pathetic and an insult to your own intelligence. Have some dignity and stop embarrasing yourselves.
[you are a demoralization agent. you bring nothing substantive to the discussion except your mental fainting couch and debbie downer kvetching. you’re done here.]

I agree that the “lewd” comments are nothing.  But that’s a side issue.  We’ve had months of evidence that Trump is a lazy buffoon who is perhaps the worst general election political candidate I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.  If he wins – which is unlikely but possible – it will be in spite of his laziness and incompetence and solely due to the pent-up anti-PC rage of the GOP base.  If he loses, he’d have thrown away an eminently winnable election – and fanboys like Roissy will NOT be allowed to forget how they tried to tie White racialism to the Trump balloon (given his BMI, “balloon” is appropriate).

But let’s be fair, Der Touchback seems to have done better – much better – in the second debate, and the “because you’d be in jail” was classic.  At this point, Donny Cuckamnesty has little to lose and may as well go on the offensive, but in the calm and direct manner as the above quite illustrated.  Well done, Don Fats!

The GOP Establishment.

Remember that in 2020 when they try and foist a prime cuck on the American public with the mantra “we Republicans have to stick together to beat the Democrat.”

MacDonald on Trump’s “lewd” comments.

Counter-Currents commenter on East Asians:

In addition, the author’s comments about East Asians also rings true. Their lack of inventiveness, in technology, political science, art, music and every field of endeavor is obvious. Their gene pool does not produce European-type geniuses who create and move humankind forward. The Europeans who landed in the 1700s were amazed by the complete lack of progress in every field of endeavor as they compared that China to Marco Polos writings. Had Europeans never encountered Asia, it would still be almost exactly as it was in the 1700s.
Asians are separated from Europeans by 30K years, they have very different brain equipment. They cheat in tests because it is advantageous to do so, and they do not have inborn guilt to prevent them from doing so. They optimize their situations by cheating when available, it is logically the most beneficial choice. An Asian reading that “you shouldn’t cheat” because it is “unfair” or “immoral” to do so even though it greatly helps you would probably find that to be a silly and nonsensical statement.