Greg Johnson on Trump and American Greatness

More reasonable than Roissy.

Let’s see how Greg Johnson is much more reasonable than the hysterical Roissy.

Trump is not the last hope for the white race in North America, but he is the last hope for America as a unitary nation.

That’s much more reasonable than the Amren/TOO and Roissyian nonsense that “Trump is the last chance/hope for White America.”  No, he’s not.  White America will still be there if he loses and will need “hope” more than ever. Johnson’s assertion that Trump is the last hope for the continuation of a unified traditional America – which is a quite different comment – OK, I’ll buy that. But the problem is deeper than that.  Even if he wins, in another several election cycles, we’ll be back to the situation of a “do or die” choice between a populist Americanist and a globalist “shitlib.”  Trump’s civic nationalism is at best a stop-gap. America’s dire situation is this: if Trump loses, America as we have known it is finished; if Trump wins, the day of reckoning for America has merely been postponed.

But all of that is a far cry from the absurd comment that White America per se is done if Trump loses. White America and the American nation are no longer synonymous.  That may be unfortunate, but it is true.  If Trump loses White America will go on, but it’s unlikely that the United States of America as a historical nation-state will have any long-term future.

“Pussygate” also revealed the cowardice and treachery of the mainstream Republican leadership. All these people have to go. Nobody who votes for Donald Trump should cast a vote for Paul Ryan or any other backstabbing cuck. These people’s political careers need to end on November 8th or Trump’s victory will be a hollow one. Not only must Trump shake the cucks off his coattails, he needs to completely freeze them out of his administration. And if his resolve to do this ever wavered, it will waver no more.

I agree 100%.  Regardless of the electoral outcome, the GOP Establishment needs to be politically destroyed. That’s the same Establishment that’s been telling the White base for decades that they had to support Establishment cuckservative milksops because “we need to have Republican solidarity to defeat that dastardly liberal Democrat.”  Now that the shoe’s on the other foot, and the base picked their own candidate, the Establishment has been throwing a temper tantrum, actively sabotaging the campaign of the base’s GOP candidate and supporting a very dastardly liberal Democrat (even in some cases openly endorsing her).  Why the hell should the base EVER vote for an Establishment candidate ever again? All that is required is that some fraction of Trump supporters stop voting for the cucks and, given how class most national and state-wide elections are, the GOP Establishment is “toast.”

Donald Trump really is a great man. What makes a man great? A man is not great because he is perfect. Great men often have enormous flaws, make catastrophic mistakes, and face overwhelming obstacles. A man is great if he can overcome his flaws, learn from his mistakes, and surmount obstacles. Within a 48-hour period, Donald Trump faced and overcame a scandal that would have crushed weaklings like Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan. Just think of what he can do for America. Yes, he can Make America Great Again.

I’m critical of Roissyian Trump worship, but here Greg Johnson is being more reasonable. He’s defining greatness in a particular way that does indeed fit Trump.  I myself doubt that Trump can really make America great again, but that’s not why I’m supporting him.  I have no doubt that Trumpism can make multiculturalism untenable, and that’s my objective.  To see where we may be headed, read this which essentially makes the same basic point as this (which of course cannot be cited, because, well, you know….).

I’ll be putting something together about what Der Movement should do if Trump loses (likely) with some brief words about a Trump victory (unlikely).