Motgift Interview: Greg Johnson

Some good stuff.

Good point about Asians: crammers, cheaters, ethnic networkers.  It would be good if at some point Greg Johnson would follow up with a full-blast attack on the Asiaphilic and Judeocentric HBD cult.

Also good insights on invasive species, hybridization, extinction

Good points as well about the Jews knowing that they are promoting White genocide

I disagree (possibly) with some of the comments about the Alt Right…I guess I’m among the paranoid and xenophobic folks, with the proviso that I do not mind if the Alt Right is restricted to reach out to “normies,” but not if Alt Right becomes absolutely synonymous with WN.  I do agree that we should use the Alt Right in an instrumental fashion to advance WN goals, and we must be vigilant, and be careful of the Crowderites.  So, in a sense, I agree with Greg Johnson, but I’m leaning more to the “paranoid” direction. We need to keep the Alt Right sufficiently quarantined so that it cannot contaminate real WN.  So, basic agreement with a difference in emphasis: Johnson is more optimistic about the Alt Right; I am more pessimistic. There is a place for the Alt-Right in our strategy, but only as a tool, not as the main event.