Politics in the News, 10/15/16

October politics.

The Clinton-Republican Establishment conglomerate may well win by making the election a referendum on Trump’s character and sex life. However, by doing so, they completely undermine any pretense that a Clinton victory has anything to do with support for open borders, globalism, radical feminism, Colored supremacy, or any of the other aspects of Clintonite/System ideology. Simply put, a Clinton victory would be due to the feminized and retarded (redundancy) American public preferring Bill Clinton’s more charismatic rape and cigar-in-the vagina behavior than they are to Trump’s more crude “pussy-grabbing.” That’s it. Now, of course, the System will try and play the electoral outcome into having some deep policy meaning, but we need to push back against that.

Why did Republicans nominate this man in the face of red flags the size of Trump Tower? A lot of explanations have been floated, but Republicans have reached no consensus.

Er…I don’t know, maybe Trump was who the voters picked, having received more votes (in a field of 16!) than any other GOP candidate in the primaries?

In retrospect, it may be that Romney was the only candidate who could have stopped Trump.

You know, the guy who strapped a dog to the roof of his car, a guy who lost an eminently winnable election in 2012, a moderate cuckservative completely out of step for the mood of 2016.

Republicans across the spectrum had supported him in 2012…

Which is why so many Whites in the GOP base stayed home in 2012, handing the election to Obama.

…and he still had a lot of goodwill from them at the start of this election cycle.

Goodwill from Establishment hucksters and from diseased brownsters whose fetid genepools drifted over from the polluted Ganges.

His opposition to an immigration amnesty…

Which was what? Increase legal immigration sufficiently to make illegal entry superfluous? Talk sense about “self-deportation” and then drop it in the general election as soon as criticism commenced?

…and his support for a tough stance on trade with China…

What? He’s upset that the US is not outsourcing even more than it is?

…would have weakened Trump’s advantage on both issues.

How come then all the folks planning to vote for Trump because of these issues stayed home in 2012?

Hey! Did the goddess and lioness Coulter date this guy too, or was it only D’Souza?

Granted, Der Movement doesn’t really care about Scalia one way or the other (what’s another dead dindu?), but still…..