Trump Cuck, Cuck, Cucks Away

Behold the Ultra Cuck.
Beta weakling cuckling Trump gives in and says he’ll concede if the election results are “clear.”  That despite the fact that Trump’s “rigged election” talk has been helping him.  Is Trump an omega male?  
And let us consider an example of why we must hold the fanboys accountable.  After months of having the fanboys telling us that it is 100% certain that Trump will win – in a landslide! in a Trumpslide! – and that anyone who even questions this inevitable “Trumpening” is a Jewish troll, a defeatist, a DNC plant, the champion fanboy Roissy now says:
Whatever happens November 8, know this….everything’s changed.
Now, he’s hedging his bets – “whatever happens.”  Who knows?  After the election, he and his commentators will probably be telling us that they always were telling us that Trump would lose. These guys really need to be jettisoned, enough is enough.
And another thing I don’t understand is the Alt Righters saying “this is the last Presidential election the Republicans will ever win.”  Look, it’s possible that after four years of Clinton, dumb Whites will flock to some sort of cuckservative liberal Republican who could squeak out a victory in 2020. Why do these folks always make definitive comments without considering all of the possibilities?