November Musings, 11/2/16


The Alt-Right crowd supporting Trump because they’ve found out that they “really care about America” and that Trump will save America have got it all backwards.  Look, typically throughout history, revolutions have NOT occurred during the time of greatest repression but instead have occurred when that repression was suddenly relaxed.  

The point of Trump is NOT to save America (a possible short-term effect of a Trump Presidency), but to wreck it (a more plausible long-term effect).  By relaxing the anti-White regime, President Trump will weaken the multicultural state just enough that it becomes more beatable, he demonstrates the System is not invincible, he gives us room to maneuver, he gives us breathing room (if he sticks to a hardline on immigration), he galvanizes the White resistance (assuming the Right doesn’t fall into the Ronnie Raygun victory euphoria and complacency), he emboldens racial “real-talk,” he’ll likely oppose speech restrictions, he makes WNs more confident, and by antagonizing the Left he makes sure that there will be no shortage of divisive antagonism to fuel a slow drift toward a more revolutionary situation.  When the repression is relaxed, the rage from decades of anti-White persecution is free to boil over; in contrast, when the repression is at its highest, the resistance can be stunned by the oppressive ferocity of a triumphant System.  Hillary Clinton will wreck America as well, but in a different, worse (which is NOT better), and less palatable fashion.  Under her Presidency, we will not have the room for maneuver or the breathing space, and those who would otherwise be attracted to our side will be cowed into silence or will be caught up into the mainstream political infighting between Clinton and the Cuckservative Right.  And since people “love a winner,” the Right becomes more attractive with a Trump victory (despite that he’s not one of us, far from it); while a Trump defeat taints the Right with the stench of failure.  In summary, from the standpoint of the ethnic genetic interests of European-Americans, a Trump victory is optimal, but not for the reasons the fanboys think.

At first I was going to dismiss this as yet more girlish pro-Trump “movement” hysteria.  But he makes some good points, although at times overblown.  I’ve been (justifiably) critical of Der Touchback this electoral season, but I must give credit where credit is due. First, Fat Don didn’t have to run for President putting his comfortable life at risk and subjecting himself to a withering abuse that makes the treatment of Nixon at the height of Watergate look benign comparison.  Whether Trump did it out of a love for America, or simply for his own ego, the fact is he’s done more to destabilize the multicultural regime this electoral season than Der Movement has achieved in its entire existence.  I’ll vote for Donny BMI with great satisfaction indeed.

If Comey “violated the Hatch Act” with his recent letter to Congress (an absurd accusation), then he more certainly violated it in July when he let an obviously guilty Clinton off the hook for purely political reasons.  You can’t have it both ways.  Similarly, if Russia is lambasted for: interfering with the US election” than why cannot the same be said about Mexico or the Vatican?  Or is the interference only a problem when it benefits Trump?

Is there any more evidence you need that the GOP must be destroyed?

Child porn apologist Derbyshire writes:

Unfortunately I find that I am now in love with Annet Mahendru. When I confessed this to Mrs Derbyshire, she counter-confessed that she is in love with Noah Emmerich. The balance of domestic affections thus remains undisturbed, and we continue to watch The Americans with guiltless pleasure.

I’ll let the reader look up the racial provenances of Mahendru and Emmerich, and decipher what that says about the raciosexual preferences of the Derbyshires.