I hadn’t voted for a long time (what’s the use?) but I did yesterday – voted for the vulgar civic nationalist Fat Don “Der Touchback” Trump, for reasons previously outlined in this blog. Once again (just like with Brexit), I’ve had the opportunity to do my little morning victory dance, and I am savoring the meaning of the Trump victory (despite the Left’s desperate hand-waving that it’s only about “change” and not polices).  Despite the fact that Trump is a beta male cuck pro-Negro citizenist, his victory, in the face of an unprecedented hate campaign and opposition from his own party, demonstrates:

1. A complete repudiation of the political establishment, especially the Republican cucks. Trump turned blue states red, he won states that “America’s Dad,” square-jawed “movement” hero Mitt Romney, lost. All the morons saying the GOP needs to cater to minorities and that we need to follow the “2012 autopsy” are proven WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  When – finally – the GOP has a candidate who – implicitly yes, but implicitly in a strong manner – appeals to Whites, that candidate WINS BIG. Neoconservatism: lose. Cuckservatism: lose.  Big business and open borders: lose.  Right-wing populism: WIN.  It’s time for the right-wing populists to kick all the Neocons and cucks out of the GOP. Time to be vindictive. Don’t forget, Fat Don, about the trash who opposed you, who reneged on their pledge, Republicans who supported Clinton.  Don’t forget scum like George Will (which of Lind’s tribes does he belong too?) who were rooting for a landslide loss for you. Remember it all.  We, your voters, will remember, remember long and hard.

2. A complete humiliation for Hillary Clinton and for that smug, purple-lipped White-hating mulatto Obama, telling all that “Trump will never be President.”  But he is, you loser, and your legacy goes down to toilet, where it belongs.

3. All the SJWs and other shitlibs, crying bitter tears – it’s great.  And since I am – I admit this freely – a relentlessly vindictive person, I will also greatly enjoy all of the SJWs I (unfortunately) personally have to interact with on a regular basis, the majority of people I know, all Clinton supporters, who will no doubt be in mourning.  Suffer, you losers, I’ll enjoy every second of it!

Mea culpa – I’ll be honest: I believed the polls and pundits and gave Der Touchback little chance of winning.  I was wrong, and pathetic homoerotic fanboys like Roissy were right (although the gamesters can cool it a bit with the “Amish” heavy breathing – what about working class White ethnics disgusted at “America’s dad” Romney but who supported the “ethnic-acting” Trump?).  And let’s be fair – the Sailer strategy worked.  Kudos to dumb Breezy.  Now it’s time for the Sallis strategy: chaos, despair, division, and balkazination.

And hey Fat Don – pardon Matt Hale and Richard Scutari.  At the same time, make Giuliani (hint: a strong Trump supporter unlike, you know, Jeb and Kasich and Romney and all those “superior” sorts of fellows) Attorney General and let’s get the Clintons in jail, where they belong.  And stop this nonsense of Obama of building low income Negro housing in White suburbs. How about rewarding the people who voted for you – middle class and working class Whites?

Now it is time for the hard work – for Der Movement to leverage this unprecedented political upheaval to foment division, despair, chaos, hatred, and bitterness in America.  Incite the Left, provoke the Coloreds, seize the narrative and don’t let the Megaphone tell us this was just about “change.”  No, it is about fed-up Whites (including dem dere White ethnics who helped get Trump nominated in the first place, against all the cucks) standing up for themselves, in a very tentative manner. Now, it’s time to stand up beyond the secret ballot and take the steps to Smash the System, balkanize America, spread the seeds of rage and despair across the land.

You’ve been given a gift – a rare historical opportunity.  I doubt the Old Movement is up to the task.  It’s time for a change, for a repudiation of the “movement” establishment to occur that mirrors in its meaning that which has just taken place for the mainstream political establishment.

Chaos!  Destruction!  Despair!