Turning Up The Heat

Against Der Movement.

I agree: it is time to “turn up the heat” – but here I am talking about the “movement.”  Just like Trump smashed America’s fossilized political establishment, so must fed-up alienated racial activists smash the fossilized “movement” establishment.  Trump’s victory shows us the underdog can sometimes win against overwhelming odds, against strongly entrenched forces.  Trump’s victory is emboldening and inspiring.  

The White American Trump supporters rose up against the Establishment and said: “Enough!”  Now it is time for real movement (no scare quotes) activists to stand up to the corrupt and incompetent “movement” “leadership” and say “Enough!” as well.

It is well past the time to make a stand.

And for those who wish to defend their “turf” (such as it is – the proverbial “big fish in small pond” – in this case a pond that requires an electron microscope to be observed) by labeling critics of the “movement” as “shit-stirrers” and “whiners” I cite the following quote from one of Roissy’s commentators:

“Congress shall make no law respecting…..the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.’
1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution.
To justly complain about significant unjust treatment in a civilized manner is manliness and not whining. Conflating the two is a leftist lie—like when they conflate disgust/dislike of homosexuality with “homophobia.”

Quite right.  The “whiners” are those who cannot stand the heat of criticism despite their endless history of bad judgment and failure, those who justify their unjust treatment of sincere and competent activists by projecting their own entitled whining onto those who demand a fair and just redress of grievances.  

Now, we need to over-turn the “movement” establishment in the same manner as the electorate did to the political establishment.  All the Nutzis, Nordniks, ethnic fetishists, quota queens, fossilized spewers of tired dogma, HBDers, Asian-lovers, Judeophiles, narrow ethnonationalists, and other assorted idiots need to go.  Drain the “movement” swamp!

There are some in the “movement” that I have worked with before and it is possible that I could again work with some of these people, this time to rebuild the ‘movement” – but that’s up to them, only if they are interested.  If they are, they know how to contact me. I’m not going to hold my breath though.  There are other individuals and entities that I have heretofore had no contact with and some of these I plan to contact when the time is right.

The “movement” is either sound or it is not.  If it is, then there needs to be an adequate explanation for decades of constant failure and embarrassing missteps.  If it is not, then a solution needs to be found.  But to believe there is a problem but to do nothing about it – out of laziness, disinterest, self-interest, fear of change, lack of imagination, hobbyism, or whatever – is disgraceful. Settling for “movement” failure is like settling for Jeb Bush as GOP nominee and US President.  If even the “normie” voters rebelled against that, why can’t allegedly “red-pilled” “movement” activists face facts and rebel against endless years, decades, of stupidity, lies, and cowardice?

Look, guys, Trump won.  More important, the Left has apparently learned nothing.  They are not capable of learning anything.  They are behaving exactly in accordance to the Sallis strategy: riots, protests, and chimpouts. I personally know some female Trump supporters who report, since the election, being harassed at work by SJWs – even when the latter don’t know for sure the political affiliations of the former.  Mere suspicion of being a Trump supporter is sufficient; thus, Trump is the President-elect and some of his supporters are still cowed by shitlib oppression. This is the future going forward.  A clever REAL MOVEMENT could fan the flames, under the cover granted by at least four years of an administration not overtly anti-White, and make real progress.

But what do we have in Der Movement the last few days?  Self-congratulatory posts by Sailer and Spencer.  Durocher writing about “Frederick the Great’s principles of law making” at Counter-Currents.  Snoopy dance gifs and Amish fetishism by the race-mixer Roissy. Daniel S at Majority Rights having a meltdown because apparently Trump is too pro-Russian and anti-Chinese for that blog’s policy prescription of “Silk Road White Nationalism” – and the usual “song and dance” elsewhere.  

So, what?  Are we going to waste this opportunity because we “have to” stick with the usual “movement” madness?  The hatred and division in America is deeper than ever, bringing real hope.  Only when America becomes a living hell of despair, division, disillusionment, rage, hatred, and bitterness will the System be sufficiently weakened to make real racial progress possible.

If Der Movement is capable of producing this required hell on Earth in America, then that’s great, I’ll be thrilled.  I for one don’t think they have it in them.  Do you?

It’s time for a change, indeed.