Sanders and the White Working Class

Jew fraud.

Sanders now is whining that Democrats have lost “working class White voters,” blaming the Clintons, and saying that Democrats need to do something about this. Well, my Jewish alien Levantine friend, let me tell you something.  Remember that debate you had with Clinton, where the Negress moderator asked (with a smirk) what you and she would do specifically for White people?  Remember your response?  You exclaimed in an incredulous, dismayed, and sarcastic voice: White people? – and the audience – Democrats all – were also dismayed by the moderator’s question.  Some laughed. Yeah, Jew, it was real funny and all – but not so funny on November 8, 2016, was it?

Middle Eastern Bernie: people know when they are not liked and not wanted (hint to Der Movement, re: White ethnics).  The fact that the Democrats and their core constituencies HATE White folks, particularly working class and middle-class Whites, is well known.  You hate them as well, don’t you, reflected in your spontaneous response to the debate question.

Save your crocodile tears – if Clinton had won, none of you would give a rat’s ass about the “White working class,” and you know it.