Who Needs Northern White Catholics?

Certainly not Der Movement.

Hillary wound up losing white Catholics 60-37…

And of course, state-by-state results need to be interpreted in terms of race.

But let’s talk about “Amish” instead.  Just like during the primaries, when the “movement” was pontificating on how “states with low numbers of Mormons” were voting for Trump. Yeah, the key was “Mormons” – that’s the ticket.

That it’s Steve Sailer (of all people!) who puts out what Der Movement would consider “hatefacts” (from its own perspective) should be embarrassing, but of course it’s not.  The fundamentally dishonest “movement” is apparently beyond embarrassment.

Meanwhile, my “Reality Gap” piece from ~15 years ago is again supported by outcomes – my point is, and remains, that if the GOP would run (at least implicitly pro-White) anti-immigration right-wing populist candidates, instead of elitist cuck candidates, then those populist candidates would get White ethnic support.

Those ethnics themselves helped get such a candidate nominated in 2016 and then helped that candidate win Rust Belt electoral votes and the Presidency. The New York data suggest that if there were more Whites, and fewer non-Whites, in the Northeast then Trump would have turned those blue states red as well, and for the same reason.

Just don’t expect Der Movement to go after all of that “low hanging fruit.” They’re busy instead trying to grab that one small apple off the top of the tree.