It’s the Dawn of Cuckerica

Stupidity, lies, and cowardice.

No word of course about Trump supporters being harassed or even physically attacked. Violent protests and vandalism by the anti-Trump Left – but, hey, let’s apologize for (probably made-up) incidents of someone being called names.

And what happened to deporting ALL illegals? And is the “fence” going to be the same chicken-wire nonsense like Orban’s?

Seriously though, are we to believe all this has nothing at all to do with the Kushner feud with Christie?  Yeah, Fat Chris is a thug, what else is new? Didn’t Der Cuckump know that back when Christie was endorsing Der Cuckening?  Anyway, Der Cuckening needs to have loyalty to his staunch supporters like Priebus…and I guess Paul Ryan too.  

Speaking of real supporters…

Barletta and Marino came out in support of Trump when few other Republican officials were doing so. They cultivated relationships with the incoming president and his campaign team, which dubbed the duo “Thunder” and “Lightning” as they stumped for him.

Are Barletta and Marino Amish?  I mean they’re from Pennsylvania and all. Where’s their beards? 

And speaking of the lying miscegenator Roissy, see this, with an emphasis on Pennsylvania and Florida. Once again – Der Movement: fundamentally dishonest.

The latest “movement” stupidity over the last week: being obsessed over Trump’s young son Barron – trying to make a sleepy 10-year old into an Alt Right talisman.  After all, making a child into an ideological symbol really turned out well with Derek Black, didn’t it?

“Drain the swap” – can we start with Der Movement?  It’s not only the Left that’s acting true to form after Trump’s victory; we have the Right doing their usual song and dance of victory euphoria combined with general jackassery and their usual ethnic fetishist open lying.