Trump (and the “movement”) in Der News


To be fair to Der Touchback, he really didn’t have a choice after the mess of the Alt Right NPI conference and the “Hail Trump” nonsense.  Promoting chaos and balkanization occurs when pro-White paradigms become normalized, not when the President Elect is forced to publicly disavow WN. Better to have keep everything vague and have the Left whining about Bannon, then to have a clear-cut condemnation and forcing Trump to cuck to those who didn’t vote for him.

But the error was not all on the radical side. To have the likes of Brimelow there, a civic nationalist who associates with scum like Derbyshire, to pontificate on who is and is not in the Alt Right is an absurdity.

Look, everyone makes mistakes, and commentator at Radix have raised legitimate points about the stress Spencer was under, for days, before the “juvenile bravado” episode.  If Spencer would acknowledge the error, understand the damage done, and take steps to rectify it and make sure it does not happen again, then one can accept error.  I make errors, everyone does. But one must admit it to move forward.

I would like to see Spencer directly address this controversy.

On the other hand, this cuckiness cannot be blamed on the Alt Right.

Disappointment was inevitable, but this soon?

Those cuckservatives really learned a lot from this electoral season, huh? And is the pink-frilled, gayfaced Graham just about the worst featherless biped on Earth?

I can only imagine how good these guys are going to be with email security…assuming any of them which end of a computer is up.

We can be critical of Spencer, but let’s also consider that he is a very public face of pro-White activism and thus has to put up with this.  And Brimelow has the nerve to be “annoyed?”

Here’s the thing, Pete, Spencer is “one of us” (by “us” I refer to a pro-White activist, not a “movement” activist since while Spencer is part of the “movement” I am not, although I am pro-White), and you are not.  When push comes to shove, I know who I side with.  It’s with Spencer and not with you. Here’s advice for the next NPI conference: Brimelow, don’t show up. Spencer, don’t invite civic nationalist cucks.  Problem solved!

And then there’s this problem.

Yeah, I know that’ll make pro-White activism all the more appealing to the likes of Derbyshire, but a “movement” that loves East Asians and hates “Meds and Slavs” perhaps does have a bit of an identity crisis, as brownster Ravi suggests.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.