Spencer’s Statement

Spencer and NPI give their side of the story:

A point to be stressed: if I criticize Spencer, it is meant to be constructive criticism from someone who is 95% or more in agreement with him, including (mostly, but not completely) about the “Big Europe” idea.

In the “friend/enemy” distinction I consider Spencer in the “friend” category (regardless of what he may think of me), and while I may get frustrated at “movement” stupidity, I clearly distinguish who is “on the side of the angels” and who is not.

I believe that some of what occurred at the meeting was a mistake, including and especially the lack of security and foresight (the Budapest fiasco is another example of poor planning). But if I have to choose between Spencer and “oh, how offended am I” Brimelow, I choose the former and reject the latter.

I do wish though that these Alt Right guys get over their Trump fetish, ironic or not.  Der Touchback should be following us WNs, not the other way around.

If there is anyone most deserving of criticism the last few days it is the “God Emperor” himself – but, alas, “gods” are beyond criticism, eh?

The meeting security issue though really needs to be addressed.  Who knows?  When the “God Emperor” ascends to his throne, he may actually approve of, and encourage, leftist thug attacks. There will be no help from that quarter, that’s for sure.