Thanksgiving Trumpism

Cucks and others.

Exactly the opposite of what we need.  Donny Amnesty is getting more cuckified with each passing moment.  His slavish supporters on the right will say this is all “squid ink” as is, of course, his public disavowal of his own supporters, his unwillingness to investigate Clinton, his constant backpedaling, his appointment of arrogant Desi (redundancy) Haley (you now, the brownsteress who attacked Don Fats during the campaign) and his hob-nobbing with Romney, who also attacked Trumpcuck during the campaign.

No wonder Der Movement loves Trump so much.  Look at all they have in common – including a tendency to embrace and reward their enemies while kicking to the curb their friends, allies, and supporters.  Note to Trump: in general, South Asian aliens and Mormon cucks did NOT support you this electoral season.  You do understand that, don’t you?

Here’s an outrageous piece of filth who says that Trump needs to “go after” WNs, even though we’re all just a bunch of sad carnival clowns (albeit the dastardly Richard Spencer may be more dangerous!).  As this cuck (hey, Matt, confused about the meaning of that term?  Look in the mirror) laments that Trump isn’t doing enough to satisfy the complaints of those who didn’t vote for him, didn’t support him, and relentlessly attacked him in the most personal terms during the electoral season, we, at the same time, read that some in the Alt Right are “dismayed” that Der Touchback publicly disavowed his own supporters (and indeed wants to “look into” why they are “energized”).

This is a generally good analysis.

The correct formula for promoting an unpopular or widely misunderstood cause is the old Roman adage suaviter in modo, fortiter in re, meaning roughly: “gently in style, firmly in substance.” The scholars and thinkers at the heart of the Alt Right generally try to offer well-grounded analysis in calm prose in order to convince those able to consider matters rationally (while largely ignoring those who cannot).

I agree wholeheartedly, and I have been saying for years that mainstreaming is wrong – it is not the content that needs to be made more radical, it is just the way it is expressed.

Now, my many critics will turn around and accuse me of hypocrisy, saying that my own tone is far from “gentle in style.”  Indeed, they will assert, I engage in bitter invective, insults, radical pontificating and, yes, I suggest that some folks should be strung up with piano wire (after legally convened tribunals, of course).

These critics of course fail to point out:

1. That I’ve said repeatedly that some of the more radical material is tongue-in-cheek, openly mocking “movement” Nutzis and others, who for some reason don’t get criticized for the real thing that I get criticized for mimicking in a mocking manner.

2. When I have expressed myself “gently in style” I’ve been critiqued and attacked by (often the same) critics just as much or more than when I engage in over-the top radical rhetoric. Be honest critics – it’s the messenger you object to, and not the message.

3. If I was going to address a meeting attended by press (and normies) I would obviously use different language than I do at blogs intended for Der Movement as the main audience. And if my previous quotes were to be brought up, they can be re-interpreted, in gentle style, using Salterian rhetoric.

But no political movement can remain limited to such activity. Our very success makes it inevitable that we shall be joined by an increasing number of young hotheads with little patience for careful argument or measured statement. Movement veterans should bear in mind that these younger men have lived their entire lives under the watchful eye of petty tyrants determined to encase them forever a mental straitjacket, with the ultimate goal of demoralizing and destroying their race. Is it any wonder that when such young men are finally brought to a truer understanding of their situation, their first instinct is to turn on those whose malicious tutelage they have finally escaped? 

The behavior recorded in The Atlantic’s video clip is a figurative middle finger raised in defiance of today’s ideological enforcers—and these are, in many cases, truly contemptible people. Yet I hope the “Sieg-Heilers” will get mere defiance out of their system and go on to more constructive work. No serious activist can remain satisfied with playing the role his enemies have assigned him, which is what “Nazi LARPing” amounts to. The Alt Right needs foot soldiers, but even foot soldiers must be disciplined.

Indeed.  But can we do without bisexual Vietnamese women?