The Yellow Fist of Hate, 12/11/16

“Silk Road White nationalism” is a bad joke.

Always remember: The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of European-derived Whites and of the West.

A hate-filled oriental (redundancy) writes, red font emphasis added:

Jukwa • 3 hours ago
“Why the World Should Fear a ‘Thucydidean’ China”
This is pure, unadulterated ignorance!
And it is to be expected; since it is coming from the historically beastly european mindset.
Europeans/US ARE the threat to the world!
The logical and wise way of judging FUTURE ACTIONS of individual or
nation is to look at the stream of PAST ACTIONS of said individual or
In doing so, it will be obvious who is the real threat and greater threat to the world, Europeans/US or Chinese.
Hint: It will never ever be the Chinese!
Chinese civilization have been around for a very very long time.
Yet the world HAS NEVER EVER been threaten by Chinese!
In fact, Chinese build ‘Great Wall’ to be inward-looking and to keep out invading neighbors.
From their past & PRESENT hellish history, Europeans 
people HAVE ALREADY DEMONSTRATED themselves to be threat to the entire world!
When a group of has never ever emerged human civilization among themselves, then they are in no position to appreciate how humans ought to act, or distinguish beast behavior from human behavior.
And so, their actions tend to mimic those of beasts, which has been the case of Europeans since the diabolic days of the homosexual greeks.
Athenian thinking and behavior were beast thinking and beast behavior.
And those ignorant ones deluded themselves that they were mimicking a natural law, which is pure nonsense.
And so, the world IS more threatened by evil european invaders and criminal colonizers than Chinese could ever be; because the europeans HAVE ALREADY acted thus in the past & PRESENT!