Racial Odds and Ends, 12/15/16

Items and observations.

Observation: The ethnonationalists of Europe show more genuine pan-European cooperation than do the so-called “pan-Aryan” factions of the American “movement.”

While I am loathe to buy into the notion of the “superiority” of European compared to. American activism, there is an argument to be made in favor of such superiority.

We stand for a Europe of sovereign nations in which the independent states work together on a confederated basis to address the great challenges of our time …

Liberals before election: Trump not accepting the outcome of the election threatens the very fabric of our democracy!

Liberals after election: Trump saying that we should accept the outcome of the election threatens the very fabric of our democracy!  We need to investigate, investigate, and investigate!

Leftist hypocrisy is breathtaking, but it does wonders to promote the Sallis Strategy, so, yes please, keep it coming.  The Left is doubling down on all the behavior that caused folks to flock to the vulgar buffoon Trump; the Left is congenitally unable to learn from its mistakes, because such learning conflicts with its ultimate foundation: hatred of Whites and of the West (which is why Asians vote liberal Democrat).

The Left would respond that Trump is being hypocritical as well, now quick to accept the vote’s legitimacy since he won.  My own riposte to that is if you want an “investigation” into the election, then “investigate” everything, not just “Russian hacking.”  Let’s investigate media collusion with the DNC and the Clinton campaign, as well as illegal alien voting and busing voters across state lines, thugs hired to disrupt Trump rallies, and countries such as Mexico attempting to influence voting in Clinton’s favor.

Pareto principle again.

All those folks attacking Spencer about “Hailgate” – how about listening to how he effectively answers that rabbi?  What would should he have done instead?  Talk about Pepe and Kek?  About Savitri Devi and Kali Yuga?  Sub-fractional admixture percentages or the cephalic index of Julius Caesar?  I’m critical of Spencer where it is warranted, but the Hailgate Hysteria says more about the hysterics than it ever does, or did, about Spencer himself.  Who else is an effective WN spokesman?  Alt Wrong folks who would have groveled to the rabbi and praised the Jews as huWhite men of the West?

If Spencer does real wrong, I’ll criticize him, but the current attacks are simply stupid and self-destructive tearing down of someone who may evolve into an effective White leader.

A different, non-Der Movement view of “St. Lucy’s Day” with a (unfortunate from Der Movement’s perspective) pan-European focus. Down the memory hole with dem dere inconvenient facts!

And guess what – pagan pre-Christian influences in “Christian festivals” are found throughout Europe, not only in Der Movement’s favorite parts.

Unfortunately, unlike NEC flim-flam, verbal and physical attacks against Whites are not hoaxes.

Alt Wrong hypocrisy: On the one hand, they tell us that we cannot blame Jews for America’s racial problems because Jews are such a small percentage of the population; on the other hand, they tell us it is vitally important that we have Jewish support (“you need at least some of the powerful and wealthy New York Jews”) because Jews are so influential and we cannot succeed without them. Even the most fundamentally dishonest Alt Wronger must know that we can see through their mendacity.