Toward an English Republic

And Scottish and Welsh ones as well.

Royal scum.

Wanna-be tampon “Prince” Charles has expressed his hatred of Europe and the West, so to be fair let’s express our hatred of parasitical “royalty” existing in 21st century Western nations.  How about an English Republic (and Scottish and Welsh ones as well), with the infestation of “royal” losers set to do productive work?  The “men” can dig ditches and the women can be scullery maids.

Yes, I’m sure some English/British “rightists” will flip their lids about this, that someone (a swarthoid no less!) dares to suggest doing away with their precious monarchy, their tradition and all that.

Grow up.  Things change.  Just as religion, a crutch for the weak-minded who cannot face the harsh realities of the universe without some sort of Big Daddy figure to comfort them, the monarchy, another set of Dad/Mom figures for a child-like population, have been irrevocably corrupted into a force for White/Western dissolution. Is a monarchy necessary?  What price tradition?  How about Futurism rather than Tradition?  If you need a Big Daddy here on Earth, let it be a National Socialist leader, rising through merit, than some enfeebled relic passed down from the ages of past glory.  

The kings of England’s past would piss on pathetic manlet-tampon Chuck and the rest of that moronic clan. That time is over.  How about making our own history, instead of living in the dead past?