Random Observations, 12/30/16

Four items.

1. That’s what happens after you apologize.  The sharks start circling, smelling blood.

2. A HuWhite Man of the West defends Spencer; interesting that a number of At Right and Alt Wrong figures haven’t uttered a word about Mom Spencer’s problems, but this Jew can do so (at TOO no less).

3. It appears that the Beavis-and-Butthead Brigade has been triggered by my recent Der Movement Dictionary post:

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If Michael Ravioli is in, then so am I. Mafiosi style cyber vendettas should not be tolerated.

Don’t know what the Captain has his panties in a bunch about.  I support his plan, as discussed at Age of Treason, to set up Upper Midwest Ethnostate for his kind; it can be called Cuckmerica and have Mitt Romney as dictator.  Meanwhile, the “Northwest Republic” will be set up by guys like “Robert ‘Bobby Bells’ DiBella.”  As Cap would say: lulz.

Seriously though, it is interesting that all of the significant “Mafiosi style cyber vendettas” and other “movement feuds” of the last two decades or so have involved folks with surnames like: Pierce, Covington, Roper, Gliebe, Strom, Spencer, Taylor, Johnson, Miller, White, Black, Jobling, etc. – not many Raviolis mixed in there.  That’s the same leadership that’s produced such stirring progress that we had to wait for Donald “Jewish family connections” Trump to decide to run for President after being publicly mocked by Obama. And then, even after the free gift of Trump and the Carpet Muncher’s publicity bonanza of denouncing the deplorable Alt Right, Der Movement finds a way to continue to muck things up with all their petty, internecine Mafiosi style feuds.  Eat that with all your Baked Alaska, “movement” dimwits.

4. You can always tell that you are reading a van Vogt science fiction book when you see that the characters are described as “frowning” on every other page.