New Year’s Musings, 2017

Jan. 1, 2017.

In general I support futurist modernity as opposed to reactionary “traditionalism.”  Why cede the future to the Left?  The future will be what we make it.

Got to keep all those penguins happy.

Glenn Beck: Minister of Propaganda for Captain Chaos’ Cuckmerica.

Then we have this:

The Alt Right is the sole authentic resistance movement of our time.

No, no, and no.  

Whether or not the Alt Right is “authentic” I’ll leave up to you, dear reader, but the “sole” part is demonstrably false.  The problem is the equivalence of “Alt Right” with “Far Right.”  Now, if one were to say: 

The Far Right is the sole authentic resistance movement of our time.

Then I would agree.  But, sorry, there is a Far Right, there is a racial nationalist resistance independent of – believe it or not! – Pepe and Kek and Der Movement nonsense and all the rest of the silly and stupid rigid conformism that self-indulgent “activists” believe is “activism.”  

The number one reason I am negative toward the Alt Right is its chutzpah in asserting its sole occupancy of the niche space of “authentic Far Right resistance.”  To the extent the Alt Right persists in doing that then the Alt Right is part of the System that the rest of us resist against. Alt Righters do need to drop the arrogance of their all-encompassing relevance. You guys cannot even agree who is or is not part of the “Alt Right” and yet you are going to claim exclusive occupancy of the “sole authentic resistance” space? Further, accidents of history and fifteen minutes of fame due to a ghost-written speech given by a lesbian hag do not constitute justification for the Alt Right to claim all of that niche space for itself.  

And how has the Alt Right spent the social capital bestowed upon it by the accident of Der Trumpening? By having the Alt Right sharks feed on each other in a blood frenzy of internecine feuding, of Hailgates, Baked Alaskas, and squabbling over all of the “happy penguin” money.  Time to get over yourselves and become relevant through actual accomplishment in resisting the anti-White system, not becoming part of that System by attempting to crowd out non-Alt Right racial nationalists.

Let us at least see the Alt Right accomplish something in 2017 independent of Donald Trump and then we can conclude that the Alt Right is part of an authentic resistance, but, never, ever, the “sole” resistance movement of our time.