Racial Odds and Ends, 1/4/17

Several items.

If the “twelve-year-olds” refer to “movement” “activists” in addition to TV media celebrities, then, yes, Ted really does think that.

A good analysis.

Anti-Italian ethnic fetishist Nicholas Farrell (who lives in Italy [*] even though he’s not ethnically Italian) now writes editorials for Amren.  Surprise!

*Living in Italy is a “nightmare” for Farrell.  Very good.  How about leaving then?  Oh well, he’s interbred with the locals apparently (which says nothing about his anti-Italianess, given how many White-hating Negroes mate with White women), so English nationalists are not going to want the Farrell clan in their nation either.  Oh my, Nick, what to do?  Continue living in Italy, negatively affecting Italian EGI, and complain what a terrible place it is (Farrell’s comments are for the most part legitimate observations of wopish incompetence, but that’s not the point – he’s not a wop so his complaints, while living in Dagoland, are the height of ethnic chutzpah [**]).  Again, a perfect writer for Amren.

**I guess I should move to China, shack up with a Chinatrix, and write anti-Chinese diatribes.  Alas, the Chinese have too much racial self-respect to put up with that for too long.