Another Day, More “Movement” Madness

Another day, more “movement” madness.

I presume that the Silk Roaders would like individuals such as this to be running the security forces of White ethnostates.

Speaking of the Silkers, they’re really digging their teeth into this whole Enoch/TRS fiasco. That’s OK, after all, I agree that Jews have no place in WN (although I am on no way convinced, as of today, that Enoch himself is a Jew).  However, I also believe that East Asians, South Asians, and Central Asians (as well as crazed mestizos) have no place in WN as well.  Do the Silk Roaders agree with that?

Speaking of the Enoch case:

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Well, Kumiko is reaching – as usual for this site. Mike was likely referring to Slavic ancestry. I don’t hear any reference to “mixed Jewish ancestry”, although that was, of course, the context. If he meant Jewish ancestry, fine, but it isn’t a direct quote and should not be presented as such. That is conflation.

More importantly, all the names in question are far from categorically Jewish, as we all know, at bottom. Enockson, Sippel, Peinovich are names likely none of us ever encountered before this, even studying Jews as we have for over a decade. There’s nothing about any of those names that even suggests Jewishness beyond Enockson’s and Peinovich’s ending, while Sippel could be German or Scottish. By the bye, I would guess it stems from the good old Germanic *sib in either case.

But -son and -ovich (also “son”) are so common in European nomenclature as to make mention of it silly. Every time there’s some question of a perceived enemy’s ancestry, however, either ending, or any German-sounding name, is forthwith “proof” of being a Jew. That isn’t sleuthing, it’s paranoia.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised, and equally wouldn’t care, if he did turn out to be partially Jewish, and the burden was still on him to reveal such things to the audience of a podcast called “The Daily Shoah”.  For now, though, it seems it’s still only his wife who is partially Jewish.

That’s reasonable, but of course this fellow – whose comments on Asian women at Counter-Currents I strongly disagree with – is harshly critiqued by the Silkers.

And then we have this example of” movement” genius:

snakeTrapper  Gubbler Chechenova • 19 hours ago

FYI: Christians are not afraid of evolution, or anything else for that matter. They know that the theory of evolution is a bogus theory conjured up to try to destroy Christianity.

Western civilization and world dominance began with the Protestant Reformation (Martin Luther, John Calvin). It is despised by RCs, atheists, agnostics, commies & various other non/anti-Christian types precisely because they know it is Christianity that was the basis of and impetus for it.

Dat right!  The whole meaning of the theory of evolution is some damn sciumfific mumbo-jumbo conjured up by that commie Darwin (Didn’t he look a lot like Karl Marx?  The beards! And what about that Santa Claus guy? And he wears red too!).  Further – as we all well know! – Western civilization did not exist prior to the Protestant Reformation!  No sir!  And today, we have to be thankful that all the racial nationalist Protestant churches are opposing the refugee/immigration influx championed by die-hard Darwinists!  

Zaja claims his own views can remain an “enigma.”  That’s real direct and forthright.  Very enlightening.  My view won’t be an enigma – in the absence of any real evidence, I call “horseshit” on most, if not all, of these conspiracy theories.

The real conspiracies are all out in the open – globalism mass immigration, etc.  Maybe we should address those first?