Is This the Worst Person on Earth?

Its…John Derbyshire!

Derbyshire cites the ethnic homogeneity of England as one of the major factors in why his youth in the 1950s was so pleasant compared to the multicultural chaos of today. Meanwhile, this vile hypocritical turd – this former illegal alien fraud and self-declared child porn apologist (he himself openly asked on VDARE why possession of child porn should be illegal and opposed the idea of such illegality) – afflicts White Americans with his Chinese wife and mixed-race children.  What about homogeneity for us, hypocrite?

Can you think of a bigger absolute turd than this?  And I note that even Greg Johnson, more mild-mannered than myself on these matters, once wrote:

Derbyshire, by the way, is not a White Nationalist at all. He is a conservative cognitive elitist who is married to a Chinese woman and has two non-white children. Beyond that, he has attacked White Nationalists in the most scurrilous terms, referring to AmRen attendees as “latrine flies” and attacking Kevin MacDonald on the most swinish possible grounds. It is only when this sucking up to Jews and centrists failed to save him from the charges of racism that he began to associate with White Nationalists, who were all too willing to cross his palm with silver. Frankly it is disgusting that the donations of White Nationalists are being sluiced into the pockets of this opportunist.