Answering an Idiot

Evidence that the “high East Asian IQ” is a myth.

Greg Johnson wanted this answered off his site, so here it is:

I have to be more light-handed in my moderation, primarily because people like you persistently create an environment where you try to absurdly racialise every action that I make. The very thing that you are asking me to do now, is the same kind of action which if I were to do it, you would write several blog posts telling people not to post at Majorityrights because ‘Kumiko the evil Asiatic might censor you’ or whatever.

If you had bothered to understand the history of the blog that you are in the process of destroying, you’d know that I repeatedly urged Guessedworker to moderate the site and get rid of vulgar and moronic comments.  So the idea that I would write: “Kumiko the evil Asiatic might censor you” is a strawman argument and just more “look at me the poor colored person being picked on” whining.

In fact, it was you who wrote in your recent blog post that you in fact saved Captainchaos’ comment so that even if I did decide to delete it you could simply reproduce it and put it back! 

“Put it back!”  Back where, you imbecile?  Yeah, that’s right…I would hack into MR and reinsert the comment.  Are you retarded or paranoid or both?  I simply saved the comment in the event that you Silk Road liars would in the future deny it was ever there.

In other words, you were already prepared to publicly work against the very same moderation policy that you are disingenuously exhorting me to adopt here. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s amazing that you are so childishly stupid, with the mentality of a brain-addled five year old.  Do you actually read the silly things you write?  Or is the Asiatic mind so alien to that of the European that I shouldn’t even try to make sense of any of it?  The fact that I want to save evidence of MR perfidy is in no way incompatible with my desire for your blog to stop said perfidy.

Now, regarding my own treatment of Greg Johnson in that thread. I’m sure you read the thread on 28 Jan 2017, and that you are therefore aware that I used up about a quarter of the thread repeatedly defending Greg Johnson. I said that while I don’t understand the choice that Johnson made to not sound the alarm about Enoch’s shameless lying ways earlier, and that he should be asked about why he made those decisions in that moment (for the sake of forming a more complete picture of the events), that there is a correct way to ask about that and a wrong way to ask. I said that Captainchaos and Ned Flanders were wrong to say what they were saying and that it was not acceptable. I am completely open to the idea that there were reasons which we who are looking at it in the aftermath would not be able to see. That’s why I said while we are going to be rough on Enoch, we should approach the issue of everyone else who may have known or suspected something about him in a fundamentally different way. I explicitly said that in the same thread.

Yeah, that’s great.  The fact remains you left Chaos’ comment there.  

It’s pretty disingenuous for you to now be trying to lecture me on what a decent person ‘should do’, seeing as you yourself are in fact a key component of the indecent and essentially deplorable problem which I had find a way to deal with there.

Yes, a person who hasn’t been involved with Majority Rights for – what? – nearly 10 years is obviously “a key component” of the problems there.  I very honestly and sincerely believe that you are mentally ill.  

My response – which was the ‘nephew and niece group selection argument’ – seems to have also been agreed with by Richard Spencer because within days Spencer in fact approvingly echoed the substance of my argument on one of his podcasts (without attributing the comments to me – which is fine by me).


Do you know which outlet actually found my handling of it to be inappropriate? The Daily Shoah with TRS, of course. The Shoah subsequently had a show in which they addressed that same specific argument that I made (without attributing the comments to me – funny how so many people suddenly decided it was really time to talk about group selection in an extended family context, it’s really an astonishing ‘coincidence’), and they addressed it by ranting about ‘degeneracy’ and how apparently ‘un-European’ such an argument is.

Who cares?  TRS in general are a bunch of juvenile jackasses.

So rather than acting as though I am the problem here, maybe you should go and ask your supposedly persecuted friend Mike Enoch…

He’s not my friend.  I never heard of him before Greg’s article defending him and after subsequently listening to TRS I have no desire to waste my time with that drivel. I simply believe your treatment of him was repulsive.  Then again you and MR as a whole are repulsive and so I am not surprised.

…at TRS why it is that he allows homophobia and misogyny on his show and on his website in the form of actually hundreds upon hundreds of Disqus comments literally every single day, and why it is that he reinforces and echoes those views at every opportunity. Ask him.

I have no communication with that individual, nor do I want any.  I do not have a high opinion of TRS.  That doesn’t mean I support Asiatics using crude “Jew baiting” in order to get yellow fever omega White males – fantasizing about Chinese girls with guns – to jump on the Silk Road bandwagon.

It is almost surreal that you are having this conversation with me of all people, and that you are having it across the comments section of Counter-Currents.

Why not?  I’m not going to disgrace myself by going to your sewer of a website.

To accuse me of supporting homophobia is basically the most absurd – but comical – accusation I have ever faced from you. Seriously, it is absurd. It’s almost like you asked yourself: “Let me see if I can find the single most liberal person on sexual politics in the ethnonationalist sphere and accuse her of homophobia because that would be the single most hilarious thing that I could do. Oh, there’s Kumiko, let me try this on her!”

Moronic and alien Oriental: please improve your English reading comprehension.  I never accused you of being homophobic.  I simply pointed out that any decent person would have deleted Captain Chaos’ comment – which was homophobic – and that you did not do so.  If you are incapable of understanding the difference, then that supports my low opinion of your “intellect.”  No, you are not homophobic.  You are just a foul-mouthed, paranoid, not-too-bright individual who doesn’t have the common decency to remove a comment about Greg Johnson that was very highly offensive.

It’s almost like the kind of thing that if I didn’t know better, I’d say Mike Enoch and Seventh Son actually put you up to it. 

Yeah, that’s right, we had a meeting in our local synagogue.  Indeed, we receive instructions from Israel.  A Tel Aviv rabbi has a set of atomic-powered, high-speed, gyroscopic dreidels that emit a special radio frequency detected by a special receiver built into my yarmulke. We also receive instructions – hand delivered by a dancing bear dressed like a Cossack – from Putin himself.  It’s an Israeli-Russian conspiracy against the grand geopolitical strategizing of Majority Rights!  Time to send some Chinese girls with guns over the Amur and straighten that all out!

The reason I know better is because I know you guys aren’t nearly that organised.

We can’t be as well organized as those black-booted female Chinese solders that form the basis of Silk Road onanism.