Der Movement’s Refractory Period

On the unrequited love for the God Emperor.

Here’s an excellent comment in response to my own reply to Morgan at Counter-Currents (emphasis added):

I have found the Alt-Right’s naïvité with regard to Trump baffling and embarrassing. Whatever one might think of the stall he set out prior to his election, was it not absolutely obvious that the man himself is nothing more than a blustering mountebank?
His Presidency is a busted flush now: he has been unable or unwilling to deliver any of his commitments, and the insane intervention in Syria indicates that he cannot even be relied upon to do no harm.
To a European sensibility he comes across as inarticulate, ignorant and vainglorious. If he has such evident difficulty uttering a grammatical sentence what must his thought-processes be like? I regret to say that he seems very much the inferior of Obama in terms of intellect and character. And there is now the very real danger that so erratic a man could impulsively embark upon — or be gulled into — a military confrontation with Russia!
I’m afraid the Trump debacle will be used as a stick to beat the Alt-Right for years to come. Instead of uncritically acclaiming this billionaire hotelier and television celebrity as a ‘God Emperor’ etc the movement could have derived a realistic appraisal from his track-record and known temperament.
A period of reflection is now in order, as they say …

For Der Movement – and particularly Roissy – that “period of reflection” is going to more like a refractory period, right before they hitch up with the next Man on White Horse hero.

Right now, some of these Alt Right guys seem aware of their error, but is this really fundamental reflection as to why they keep on making the same mistakes over and over and over again?