Silk Road News: Asians at

Asian perfidy.

I now see that White-hating Asian “Kumiko” is fishing around on, desperately attempting to find any yellow fever fetishists to pump up the barren comments threads at Majority Rights.  Just as MR promotes Asian colonization of White lands, so does that pushy yellow believe she has the right to infiltrate into White blogs pushing Asian supremacist memetic poison.

“Celestial Time” is correct and Majority Rights is an anti-White hate site.  Look, it’s not complicated.  Majority Rights supports:

1. The colonization of White lands by Asians, where borders will be enforced by black-booted Chinese girls with guns.  That’s not my imagination.  Daniel S explicitly endorsed that, complete with pictures.  It’s there  – not only in “black and white” but in color as well.

2. Yellow fever fetishism. As per “sexual fetishism” see point 1 above, as well as Kumiko’s use of pictures of young Asian females accompanying her rambling MR articles promoting Eurasianism.  Also note her avatar used at Why not send Danny or GW to proselytize for the greater glory of MR?  Not as marketable to the basement-dwelling, anime-loving, lulzing Alt Right masses?

3. “British Asians.” Majority Rights believes that “British Asians” are an integral part of that nation.  “Segregated neighborhoods” – did you catch that, my friend Celestial Time?  Not “segregated nations” – but “neighborhoods.” After all, Asians just must, must, must live in White nations.  In their own neighborhoods of course.  Maybe those can be the “Chinatowns” in “European cities” and “along borders and along the Mediterranean” that Danny imagines will be full of his gun-toting female border guards.  

4. White division. MR also opposes White cooperation, pan-Europeanism, and supports White nations like the UK making common cause with Asians against other White nations.

5. Majority Rights supports “inflicting harm on Russians” (the crazed Asian’s own words) so as to benefit Asians.

And they are so fundamentally dishonest, they can’t admit that Trumps shift to a pro-Chinese, anti-Russian policy perfectly coincides with his administration’s takeover by Jewish influences.

Basically, the MR-Kumiko strategy is this: Exploit yellow fever fetishism, underlying currents of Asiaphilia among some White activists, and knee-jerk anti-Semitism (*) to push gullible White males to be bossed around by black booted Asian girls carrying guns.  It’s pathetic and embarrassing, but it will continue as long as the Alt Right continues to let the yellow infiltrator post on pro-White sites.  How about containing the contagion to MR and let it burn itself out there?

*They support the bizarre idea that one has to be either pro-Asian or pro-Jewish.  The idea that someone can be opposed to both groups doesn’t enter their mindset.  Thus, they accuse someone like myself – with a long history of “virulent anti-Semitism” (according to the Alt-Wrong) – as being “a tool of the Jews” and of “sucking Jewish cock” (**) simply because I oppose Asian influence on pro-White sites.  They’re nuts (***).

**Again, note the sexual obsessions.

***Kumiko and Daniel (and to a lesser extent, GW) have a ludicrous tendency to make ridiculously wrong-headed assumptions and accusations against their opponents, jumping from one absurd statement to another as each is proven wrong in turn.  First, they accused me of being someone named “Thorn” – apparently some pro-Jewish troll posting at their blog. When that accusation fell flat, they admitted that Ted Sallis is Rienzi/JWH, but that I am a “tool of the Jews” – an accusation obviously seen as ludicrous by anyone following my writing – including in Majority Rights itself! – over the years.  That accusation not being credible, GW next offered that while it is true that I’m not pro-Jewish, I’m instead motivated by an allegiance to “Mediterranean” interests – that despite my long-argued contention that there is no such thing as a “Mediterranean” identity (and my pan-European promotion of the interests of all Europeans).  Next, I was accused of being a fan and ally of “The Right Stuff” and in cahoots with someone named “Seventh Son” – that despite the fact I’ve been constantly criticizing the Millennial “snark and lulz” faction of Der Movement (aka, the “Alt Right”) and that I’ve looked at the TRS site maybe one or two times total, and have a complete lack of interest in what they are doing.  Now, I’m an “anti-Asian conspiracy theorist” simply because I expose the Asian supremacist imperialism of MR and I link to online information about Asians as part of “Silk Road News.”