Silk Road News: MR Stands With Australia’s Invaders

Showing their true colors: yellow, yellow, and brown.

See this nonsense posted at by a “shady lady.”  Posted as something positive, not negative – we have to criticize Australia’s migrant policy as a sort of “hell,” don’t you know.

So, what MR supports is an Asian female – it has to be a young female of course (no yellow fever fetishism of course, move on, move on, nothing to see here) – hectoring a majority White nation about their desire to control immigration.  Can’t have that!  Let’s side with open borders liberals, as long as they’re Asian.

Majority Rights is nothing more or less than an Asian supremacist blog supporting Asian imperialism and immigration colonization of White nations by Asians.  It’s an anti-White, anti-nationalist SJW site masquerading as what it used to be in the past, a pro-White site.

I can have more respect for genuine SJWs and anti-racists and the like who are at least honest about their beliefs and don’t misrepresent themselves in a fundamentally dishonest fashion.

I stand with the White population of Australia; MR stands with the invaders.

Delenda est Majority Rights!