Political Violence, 2017

It’s Weimar time again.

I’ll say some positive things about Trump and more so about the Alt Right. Trump may be a no-good pathetic cucking imbecile, but his campaign, followed by his election helped contribute to this situation.  I agree with Spencer that the political violence ultimately derives from more fundamental issues than just Trump, White dispossession is triggering a backlash.  But even so, something had to trigger that this is occurring now, and that something is Trump.  He may no longer be useful – we’ll see about that – but he’s already accomplished his major utility.  I stated, many times, that the utility of Trump is to promote racial chaos and balkanization, which is the reason I voted for him.  So, whatever else happens with Trump, I don’t regret that vote (despite some buyer’s remorse).

Now, the Alt Right.  I have criticized the Alt Right and will continue to do so. However, I have to say that the emergence of political violence is in part derived from the youthful exuberance and on-the-ground-public-action generated by the Alt Right.  To control space, you need “boots on the ground” and for that you will need the youth.  You can’t build street troops with a majority of middle-aged and elderly men; so if the juvenile jackassery of the Alt Right brings in the youth, that’s great, but then they need to get serious and disciplined, and Pepe and Roissy won’t do that for them.

The Alt Right should be a narrowly defined recruitment tool for Millennials; it is not “the movement” not should it be considered any important core thereof.  But it serves specific purposes.

Then we have this (emphasis added):

What’s truly incredible: even now, the American Right is still fighting with one hand behind its back, receiving no support from its supposed political leaders, including Donald Trump.
Though President Trump has gone out of his way to praise his non-white supporters, he has not once specifically praised the European-Americans who were at the core of his winning coalition. Even worse, he has not once defended his supporters who are being attacked on the streets and fighting in his name.
Trump may be President of the United States, but it is still very dangerous to wear a MAGA hat or Trump shirt in some cities.
In contrast, Leftists of the most extreme variety still enjoy adoring MSM coverage and official support from academia, as well as a “hands off” approach from law enforcement.
Consider Yvette Felarca (*) of By Any Means Necessary, an extreme Left wing activist in Berkeley who has been quite open about using violence in the past to shut down speech with which she disagrees [Middle school teacher with history of instigating violence plays key role in Berkeley riot, by Victor Skinner, EAGNews, February 2, 2107]. The Daily Californian went out of its way to describe libertarian activist Lauren Southern as a “controversial right-wing speaker” and a “right-wing radio host.” But Felarca was simply identified as a “BAMN organizer” and quoted about how her group is “here to stand against… the whole Trump administration.” [Free Speech Rally in Berkeley results in several injuries, 20 arrests, April 15, 2017]
Of course, the “whole Trump administration” doesn’t seem to care too much about what is happening one way or the other. Even Attorney General Jeff Sessions, though he is taking action on immigration, has not cracked down on “antifascist” or extreme leftist groups around the country who openly declare their intention to attack Trump supporters. There has been no effort to secure free speech on campus by withholding federal funding from universities who deny the First Amendment.
And far from standing with his populist supporters, President Trump is reportedly on the verge of dismissing Breitbart head Steve Bannon, which threatens to sever his link with his populist base.

How’s that “4-D chess” coming along, Roissy?

*As Asian by the way.