A Brief Popgen Comment

Unpicked fruit.

I have previously discussed reasons why I rarely discuss population genetics anymore, the most important of which is that much of it is biopolitically irrelevant – only genetic kinship really matters. A secondary reason is that there isn’t much going on these days of great interest, particularly in fields of study such as European and Jewish population genetics. Virtually all of the “low hanging fruit” has been picked with respect to the kinds of things (politically motivated) population geneticists want to study.  Some interesting new papers may come out, but we can all notice that those sorts of things are much less frequent now than they were, say, 10 years or so ago.

Of course there are important things – higher hanging fruit to be picked – that can be studied; for example, global assays of genetic kinship or the application of genetic integration analysis to human data, to ascertain how genetic distance is changed when genetic structure is taken into account.

But population geneticists show no inclination to study that, likely because it is virtually certain the findings would support and reinforce “racist” White nationalist narratives. And as we know, leftist academics are allergic to the truth.   They won’t make the effort to reach up and pick that higher hanging fruit.