What Is the Purpose of Nationalist Electoral Politics?

What should be the strategic purpose of nationalist electoral politics?

The purpose of nationalist electoral politics is not a mainstreaming “Hail Mary Pass” all-or-nothing approach to elect a national leader, compete with doom-and-gloom predictions in the case of (inevitable) defeat.  Of course, if it is possible to elect a nationalist as a President or Prime Minister, and enact change from the top down, then fine, do it. I’m not saying that we should eschew any such opportunities that may present themselves. However, taking advantage of such unexpected and unlikely scenarios does not constitute a long-term, stable strategy.

Instead, I see participation in electoral politics as serving two purposes:

First, as a means of propaganda, proselytizing, recruitment, and normalizing our message to the masses.  

Second, as a means of electing nationalists to secondary positions, ranging from, at the top, Congress/Parliament (including EU Parliament) down to very local elected positions, to infiltrate positions of authority as much as possible.  And the strategic purpose of this second objective is so that these elected officials use their positions to provide “cover” and assistance to the main thrust of nationalist activity.  And that main thrust would be building an actual, real-world movement, ranging across the breadth of modern life, including but not limited to: a real-world “street” presence and community organizing, a robust online presence, overall infiltration of the System, the building of alternative communities, and the formation of an elite pan-European Legion that represent the political warriors necessary to move the entire project forward.  Elected officials can use their power to protect and assist the growing movement as much as possible, and obstruct as much as possible attempts by the System to crush the movement.

These two major purposes of nationalist political participation are what I see to be reasonable, possible, strategically viable and compatible with more “vanguard” approaches, as described above.   And having all these instrastructures in place, if an opportunity presents itself to elect a national leader, we would be in a better position to do so than from starting from nothing in place to begin with.

No doubt, any electoral contest needs to be carefully chosen; no need to waste time and resources in an area where there isn’t the least significant chance of victory.  Even if the campaign is being done for objective one – recruiting and propaganda – you still want fertile ground and a decent showing for your candidate.  Your message will be better received in that case than in some leftist district or state where you would be lucky to get a few thousand votes. You would also need the right candidates – intelligent, articulate, attractive individuals well versed in the issues, courageous to take a stand in favor of race, culture, and nation, capable debaters, and individuals willing and able to campaign on an overtly and explicitly (right-wing populist) pro-White platform. The days of implicit mainstreaming are over, and there’s no educational value in promoting indirect and vague implicit themes. Instead of folks ever-so-carefully trying to stretch the Overton Window, we need folks willing to smash through it.